Migrating from Model Mommy

Model Bakery has a Python script to help you to migrate your project’s test code from Model Mommy to Model Bakery. This script will rename recipe files and replace legacy imports by the new ones.

From your project’s root dir, execute the following commands:

$ pip uninstall model_mommy
$ pip install model_bakery
$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/model-bakers/model_bakery/main/utils/from_mommy_to_bakery.py
$ python from_mommy_to_bakery.py --dry-run  # will list the files that'll be changed
$ python from_mommy_to_bakery.py            # migrate from model_mommy to model_bakery
$ python manage.py test

This command will only migrate *.py files. Any other file type such as tox.ini, requirements.txt etc, have to be updated manually.